Lindos combines relaxation with a vibrant life during the summer months, a trip to the past with natural beauty and wonderful beaches, and is one of the most popular destinations on the island. The Acropolis of Lindos (with its spectacular sea view) is classified as a protected monument, as is the old town of Rhodes, and therefore receives thousands of visitors every year. 

On the eastern side of Rhodes is a jewel of the island, a favorite destination for all visitors that will take you back in time to discover its enchanting landscapes. White little houses stacked next to each other with alleys leading to beautiful traditional shops are ready for you to explore!

Holidays Essential invites you to this unique exploration experience with an excursion in which you will get to know better the traditional life of the Greek islands.

On this excursion, your day will start with an interesting and not-tiring drive from your hotel to the beautiful village of Lindos. As we approach the first welcome will be given by the iconic Acropolis that dominates the hilltop of the village. 

You will have time to explore the cobbled streets of the village and buy souvenirs. Many local shops can be seen as you wander the village's small streets, offering a variety of goods from handmade crafts and fashionable clothing to locally produced olive oil, olives, spices, and herbs. 

Climb the 116-metre-high Acropolis of Lindos, which is a prominent landmark of the region. It is a must-see site, with the grandeur and formidable walls of its fortress creating a commanding backdrop for the city below.

After exploring the Acropolis, wander the narrow streets and enjoy an iced coffee in one of the many village cafes, where the locals will be happy to welcome you.

In Lindos, apart from the archaeological site, you will find two very beautiful beaches which are located on the east coast of the island. They are just a few meters outside the homonymous settlement, while you can also enjoy swimming in other nearby beaches of the area. Even until October, the waters are warm and you will think it is summer. Some even say that they prefer the autumn season more for their swims there.

The main beach is well organized and provides sunbeds, umbrellas, a kiosk, and a refreshment area. Its ground is covered with sand and its waters are shallow and clear.

You can also try your skills in various water sports. Around the beach, you will find taverns with traditional food and many restaurants. And all this with the beautiful Acropolis of Lindos in the background.

As the afternoon sun begins to shine, we will all gather together for the return to the hotels with the comfortable transport of Holidays Essential. A day filled with new experiences, memories, and images that will remain unforgettable in your mind's eye from a village that has a lot to say.

TIP: Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone or camera because you won't stop taking pictures.

At Holidays Essential we are very proud of the excursions we offer which are unique and highlight the most beautiful elements of the island so that no one misses any of the sights of this beautiful place, the excursion to the picturesque village of Lindos is one of them. Come with us to discover every bird of this village and create memories that will last a lifetime!