Symi island



Visit the diamond of the Aegean!

Cruise to the most picturesque island whose neoclassiscal homes where built and then restored to the original architectural style in a variety of colours. Symi is renowed for its natural sponges. On the south side of the island lies the famous Panormitis Monastery. Dedicated to the archangel Michael it is an important place of pilgrimage for Greeks.

* Τhe schedule of hours and days is approximate. Αlways trust our agent, or the announcements on the means of transport and your booking confirmation.

Schedule / total tour duration is 10 hours

  • 1

    Pick up from your hotel

  • 2

    Arrive at Symi 4 hours free time

  • 3

    Arrive at Panormitis 1 hour free time

  • 4

    Departure from Panormitis

  • 5

    Arrive at your hotel

Key Features

  • Longest duration in Symi and Panormitis
  • Best value for your money

Dates Available

Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday


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